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Orkut is infected by jammer worm....

I was in the browsing centre to fill my blog with more nonsense. Normally, I open gmail, orkut and blogger whenever I am in the browsing centre. Today, when I opened Orkut, I got a warning saying, "orkut is sending viruses to your pc. To protect your pc close this window. orkut is infected by jammer worm", and the Internet Explorer window closed by itself.

For a moment, I thought some freeware anti virus installed on the computer was misbehaving. I tried opening Mozilla FireFox, it said that one of the dlls was missing and the window closed by itself. I googled for "orkut is infected by jammer worm". The window closed by itself, when I clicked on the search button, after warning me that orkut is infected by jammer worm.

I tried pinging to and the command prompt closed by itself! By then it had occured to my manda buddhi that the computer has been infected by a not so dangerous virus. I opened internet explore and typed http://www.thisisnotorkut.…


Time was 3 A.M. I was sleeping. I heard foot steps. "There are about 10 people. They are carrying weapons. They will beat me up and take away my money!", I thought. The foot steps were nearing. I didn't have time to think. I was in a panic. Now the people were near the door. They pushed the door and the door opened with a cold creak. I jumped from my bed. I was afraid of the people who were at the door, but somehow managed to go to the door. My cousin was standing there!
He had come from Kochin. Normally when he comes to Bangalore, he stays in my room. This time, the trip was not a planned one and he couldn't inform me about it. Coincidentally, I had forgotten to latch the door. As he walked up to my room, my mind was dreaming about a gang coming to rob me! This was the most scary nightmare!


I am a regular customer of this middle aged banana vendor who sells bananas on a pushcart near Aiyappa Swamy temple, Madiwala. He starts his business by 9 in the morning and shuts by 10 in the night. He wears a black jerkin and has a beedi between his lips sometimes. He is a cheerful person. I have been watching him for 3+ years now. He is in the same place, selling fresh bananas everyday. I have wondered if he doesn't feel bored about his job, if his income is sufficient for him to survive in Bangalore, if he has never worried about a better future, if he has never thought of doing something better in life. I don't know who is to define what is better, though!

The other day, just for fun, I told him that the previous day I had got bigger bananas for the same price. "Howdu howdu", he said laughing loudly. He didn't bother to justify, he didn't bother to react.
Yesterday, when I enquired the price of the bananas, he said, "Three".
"Three or free?&q…


Salaam Bombay

I watched "Salaam Bombay" last night, courtesy Sunil's laptop and his movie craze. He told me, "This is SlumDog Millionaire's baapka baap.", before playing the movie. I would say "SlumDog Millionaire" can't even be the grandson. "Salaam Bombay" is class apart. Salaam Mira Nair!

It is the story of Krishna alias chai pau. He enters Bombay looking to earn Rs 500. He ends up killing Baba, the mastermind behind the drug trade and prostitution in that part of Bombay. The wikipedia article, as always, has an accurate account of the plot and other details.

The script is brilliant. The picturisation is perfect. The locations are real. The actors are great. The undercurrent of the movie is optimism. The intention of the movie is not to attract the attention by showing filthy things, but to present the problems. The intention is not to cash in on sympathy, but to educate the viewer about the problem and thereby provoke questions in his mind. Th…


Kids on the street:

Two trees in the Lal Bagh Botanical Garden:


Notes about people and life:

1. Respect people for what they are - normal human beings, not for your definition of what they are. Having your own definition is an ego display. You are bound to feel cheated when they don't act as per your definition.
2. Don't forgive people. Forgiving people is an ego display. Instead forget that there was a mistake to be forgiven.
3. Forget ego thoughts.
4. Do nothing once a week.
5. Love life, not only yours, love everybody's life, more each day. That fixes most of the problems.


Yesterday, when I was about to leave after posting something new in the blog, the owner of the browsing centre asked his chela: "Taak spelling enu?"
The chela, feeling important, said : "Taalk or Taak?"
Owner: I want to Taak to you. ee Taak.
Me : Taak spellingu -- T-A-L-K.
Owner (He is head to toe English now) : Oh, is it? Okay.
Meanwhile, Chela : Yes, yes. Taak is T-A-L-K.
Me : eshTu aythu?
Owner : What time did you come? (Checks the register) 20 Rs.
Me: AshTu aytha? Oh, okay, correct.
Owner : Yes, you came at 7:30.
Me : Howdu.
Owner : Yes.

Hey, come on, how can he Taak to me in Kannada! He is the guy who connects MadiwaaLa to the world of internet! He Taaks only the Universal Language!
Okay, I don't want to make fun of anybody, but I want to tell him, "Magane, Kannada mathaDidre maryade enu kaDime aagolla! English mathaDorella buddhivantharu anthanu alla! Irali biDu, ninage heLi prayojana illa ansuthe."


Some movies I watched recently:

The water horse, legend of the deep : Directed by Jay Russell, it is just another fantasy film. Special effects are good, locations are great, but the plot is not well developed.
The main character is a boy who comes across a mysterious egg and takes it home. The story develops with an unknown creature hatching from the egg.
The creature, the water horse, that hatches out of the egg is named "Crusoe" and the creature becomes the boy's best friend. We are made to believe that the water horse is a huge but lovable creature. The bonding between the boy and the water horse is the theme of the story. The theme is cute because it is always cute when a huge animal forms a bond with a human being. Is this a cliche? Maybe.

The boy's father, a sailor, is missing after the ship he was in, sunk during the war. The boy doesn't believe that his father is dead. The boy's memories about his father are shown as flashbacks in the narrative.
The …

Some more snaps


Tarakari beka tarakari :)

Fish eye effect

Sun rise @ MadiwaLa

This is what you get when you shoot in the dark!

Soap bubbles in a bucket