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Some snaps from Karwar and Lal Bagh

Sunset @ Karwar beach:

Lal Bagh again:


Last night, when I was on my way back to my room, 3 dogs came wagging the tails and barking playfully. When I stood confused, the dogs came near me and jumped on me. When one of the dogs was about to bite my leg, I jumped away and yelled to scare the dogs away!
In past 3+ years, not even once the dogs had been this affectionate towards me! I agree that dogs are very friendly creatures, especially those in Madiwala!

Last night, again, at 3 AM, a sound woke me from my sleep. It looked like there was a creature in the kitchen (which is not used as a kitchen, anyways). I went to the kitchen and found a cat looking at me with frightened eyes. It meowed as if to say, "Dude! Somehow got into this hell. Please show me a way out." I had left a window open and the cat had sneaked through, probably hoping to find something to eat. I said to myself, "Surprise surprise, you will not even get a drop of water!! Make a note of it and never come this way."
I opened the door and let th…

Some more snaps...

From Lal Bagh: