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You will love the first half. But you will equally hate the second half. Ranbir Kapoor proves he is a star. Rahman need not prove himself anymore. But Imtiaz Ali fails. He sets a vast canvas for the film, and manages to hold things together in the first half. But the second half is far from convincing. I couldn't connect to JJ's pain when he said something about the "lost angels"; "Main un parindo ko dhundh raha hoon...kisi ne dekha hain unhe?" The song "Sadda Haq" comes from nowhere, and the base for this song is not set in the movie. It doesn't take the story anywhere; just adding a song on personal freedom cannot change the theme of the movie.

Imtiaz Ali was brilliant in "Jab We Met". He had managed to get fine performances. The movie had catchy dialogues. The theme was fresh. It didn't give in to stereotypes.

"Rockstar" is heavy drama. Imtiaz makes you feel very helpless in the second half. JJ's behavior has no l…