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Sathyan Anthikkad

The message of any Sathyan Anthikkad movie is simple – “Love your life”. And, all of his movies convey this message through down to earth characters. His movies don’t have larger than life heroes. They all lead normal lives. They worry about small things in life. They feel happy for small things in life. They dream about big and small things in life. They cry, they laugh, and they fight – all for small things in life.

Nobody else would have explored relations the way Sathyan Anthikkad did in his movies. He builds the characters, and the relation between them through mundane things. They don’t need something spectacular to connect with each other. They don’t need a cruel villain to discover the depth of their relationships. He uses normal incidents like an old lady bringing idiyappam (which she had prepared the previous night, sitting awake whole night) to her friend to establish the relations. He builds on the same incident, and brings in the hygiene conscious daughter-in-law who th…