Barfi is a good movie. It is a refreshing concept, and is worth a watch. It will stay in history as a great attempt. But what surprises me is this - with a good concept in hand, and with such talented lead and supporting actors, why did the movie feel content with just being good! Let me try listing what I didn't like about the movie:
  • There is nothing Chaplinesque about Barfi's character except for his histrionics. It is not a 'smiling through pain' character, though his first love "Shruthi" tells us so.
  • There is not enough substance in the first half.
  • The multiple flashbacks start intervening with the story-telling. I didn't understand why the flashbacks were required.
  • The second half seems dragged towards the end.
Film after film, Ranbir has been proving himself. I liked his performance. I think that alone can make Barfi a hit movie.


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